Sunday, December 2, 2012

Modeling and Halo 4 (Portfolio)

This part of my portfolio, and the last of the four segments is strictly just modeling. There is however the small exception of texture tweaks, and minor paint over for the grunge version of the Halo models that I ended up doing.

However for the sake of understanding, this section is purely just modeling, and more should I say low poly smart modeling. For the most part here this is showing forge and some environment modeling in Halo 4, which if you can understand, Forge, something like 300 objects has to be very efficient with modeling and textures. Something I had to work diligently on, and eventually had to go back and deconstruct a lot of how the models were made and textures were being appropriated, and reconfigure it to be under budget in the final game.

The last two images are from my Vigil days, just quick models for world building.

All modeling here was done via Maya.

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