Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eyeballs Are Bleeding Rocks...

So, my next little bit to conuer was attacking rocks, which for the life of me I had no idea where to start with such an absolutely awfully simplistic object. What I found out is, they are actually kind of fun to make, here were the first three that I did, the long one need some editting with it being too bland on some of the long stretches and the dark patch at one end doesnt convey well when I translate it to lower poly.

The nice thing is I learned even more about fine tune sculpting, which I am now going to go back and redo some of my bricks and the layouts with them, and then actually try and create a full piece with them instead of having chunks of bricks that I imported. Thatll get explained in my next blog when I actually try it, apparently having a little more detail but individual objects is worse for shadowmaps, anyway.

I did some grass via a technique Paul taught me but a little different. I modeled out a reed and a blade of grass, zbrushed both with some polypaint and a little detail, and then reimported them after decimation master. I duplicated them around and basically made a patch of tall and short grass. I took a diffuse light set up and rendered out sets of side images, and then using a blank material and some lights I created a depth normal. So here was the result.

Anyway, heres the level so far, throw me an email if you want to critique or ask questions....not that I have any followers