Saturday, January 20, 2018

2018 Full Update

Hey there,

Thank you for taking the time to follow the link in my resume/linkedin, and for taking the time to look over my portfolio. I am going to condense all imagery into this post from my career, which to this date includes 4 shipped AAA titles, 2 DLC contents, and an unshipped AAA game (due to bankruptcy). And for the past 5 years, apart of ongoing Second Life development/management, as well as development in their VR title Sansar.

Below you will find images seperated out into year/project categories. As well as at the bottom, my previous reel. I currently do not have video of Second Life projects (though will be providing video below of image compilation if you do not want to select images), but the images cover quite a few projects. Each category will have descriptions of my involvement in them.

Gallery of Unemployment Artwork and Art Tests
Utilizing new tools and new practices to show updated art while on the job hunt!
3D Sculpting and Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering (Substance Maya Quixel UE4)

Gallery of Sansar Virtual Reality 2015-2018
3D Environment Art, Lighting, World Building, Design

Gallery of Second Life Art 2013-2018
Project Management, Art and Design, World Building and Lighting, Project Pitch, Task Management, Marketing Images

Gallery of Avatar Project 2015-2018
Project Management and Design, Task Management

Gallery of Evil Within Contract
3D Outsource Integration, Art Creation, Texture Painting and Fixing, Character Editing

Gallery of X-Com Enemy Within
3D Environment Art World Building and Lighting

Gallery of Halo 4 and DLC Content
3D Environment and Prop Modelling, Texture Painting, Memory Optimization, and Lighting

Gallery of Dark Millenium Online/Darksiders
3D Environment Art, Lighting and World Building, Outsource Editing

Gallery of Personal Project and Art Tests
3D Artwork and Texturing

Personal Art - Costume Creation (leatherworking, 3d modeling and printing, prop creation)
Just a Little About Me and What I Love Outside of Games

Professional Reel 2010-2014

Anthony Buell - Environment Artist from Anthony Buell on Vimeo.