Monday, September 12, 2011

Look, it looks like something....

So, after the first day or my liquid cleanse dieting, arranging all my crap to pack, getting sick, and working on my portfolio, I have to say I am at the least happy with where my level is going at the moment...although its not even 50% of what I think it can be, i did add some few things.

Holy effing trees Batman...look what I made. So i created two basic shapes of trees, a more wide based one, and a tall skinny one, both are about 2k Triangles, I know its a little high for what it should be, but I can poly reduce later when I feel like it. I also did the same method I used for the grass, which was model out and detail one branch and then translate into a low poly plan with a few divisions to give it depth (detail in photos). When I imported it into the engine all I did was duplicate the branch out on one of each of the trees and create a prefab and bam look forest population. I also created a different type of branch, for the weeping willows, which I love and wanted to throw in, so I did, so sue me. I think the trees besides the grass are the only things I am relatively happy with.

Also threw in some ground leaves using planes that I already had used for the pond scumb, just using the instance material node thing.

These are the major edits that I am going to go back and take care of. Mainly the god aweful roof that exists, and the problem with the bricks being more than they should be, they both need to be cleaned and changed.

Still some things to create, then from there its all re-working and fine tuning.