Sunday, December 2, 2012

Environment Artwork (Portfolio)

Please excuse the ton of images, this is where I have spent most of my time, is developing entire environments, from concept or mental imagery.

These pieces are ALL done from me, from scratch, this includes, high poly modeling bakes, hand painted textures, or real textures, low poly models, to implementation in the game engine, to lighting and effects. Most of these can also be found in my reel to see some of the motion.

This is I have to say my main train of profession, and where I would more ideally like to be in the industry is a total environment artist, but like mentioned in my modeling segment, that is where I think I fit most comfortably.

The level Fable is all purely hand painted textures. The tech scifi level is also 100% hand painted. The Lucifer level is a combination of realistic and hand painted. Dreams is also entirely hand painted but from poly painting in zbrush versus photoshop traditional painting.

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